About PAul Lambert


Paul Lambert is a multi-talented Vancouver musician: songwriter, vocalist, instrumentalist and consummate performer. His dynamic sound incorporates everything from hard rock riffs and acoustic folk arrangements, to pop vocal harmonies and dirty blues guitar solos. Paul’s melodic versatility and impressive technical musicianship are highlighted and complemented by his deep and impactful lyrics.

With his band City Walls (formerly Louder Than Love) Paul has released three original albums: Dark Days (2009), Coming Around (2010) and Engines (2014).  All three albums have garnered considerable radio airplay and industry praise.

With a new name and an exciting new sound, Paul released his first solo album, Sweet Relief, in January 2017 and will be touring the album throughout the year.


Praise for Paul Lambert and his bands

Paul Lambert continues to forge new musical ground embarking as a solo artist.
— Joe Leary, 24 Hours Vancouver
Great stage presence. Nice harmonies... Similar to Allman Brothers, Mumford and Sons, The Fray, and Imagine Dragons.
— Annie Miclat, Live Music Coordinator, Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle
Each song on the album [Sweet Relief] had me hooked, but each for different reasons. I recommend no matter what type of music you enjoy, you check out this release.
— Travis Rump, Canadian Beats
City Walls are true performers, building smooth country tunes into modern rock, creating dance tunes with unmatchable stage presence, and high kicking their way into listeners’ hearts.
— Geyser Music
Can I just say that I love this album? It’s got an amazing rock vibe and the lyrics sound very thought out and meaningful...The voice of the lead singer and guitarist Paul Lambert is a perfect match with the music and he delivers the lyrics perfectly.
— Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats
I highly recommend this CD [Engines] if you like good solid music that is progressive and ever changing. It would be an added bonus if you had this in your collection of music beside the greats like Pink Floyd (in a progressive band way), The Doobie Brothers (in its musical instrumentation) and Mother Mother (in lyrical depth and live show development).
— Jade Sperry, Jaded Photography
Known for its energetic performances and technical musicianship… Louder Than Love has acquired a loyal following and has been drawing large crowds… making people take serious notice. Needless to say, Louder Than Love’s road is only just beginning.
— Guttersnipe Magazine, Vancouver
The praise for Louder Than Love is virtually everywhere these days and the accolades are clear testament to their genre‐bending performances following the 2009 release of their debut CD, Dark Days... I now count myself as a very big fan.
— Joe Leary, TV Week
This is a band [Louder Than Love] that deserves their ever growing popularity... This [Coming Around] is a beautifully crafted taste of what the
band has to offer and does what any EP should do... it makes you beg for more.
— Ryan Mund, RockStar Weekly
With any band, it begins and ends with great songs. [Louder Than Love] has been able to stand out and prove they can stand above the rest. I’m really proud of what they’ve accomplished so far...
— Chris "Dunner" Duncombe, Program Director, 99.3 The Fox
Paul Lambert is a consummate front man, offering compelling songwriting, searing guitar work and vocals that stand up to some of the best in the Hard/Progressive Rock genres.
— Wildy’s World